Sunday, August 19, 2012

Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Doctor's Bedside Manner

You'll better understand why your doctor lacks bedside manner if you understand his point of view. Remember, he has insurance constraints, a waiting room full of patients, the rent and power bills are due on his office space, and he promised his daughter he would be there for her soccer game after school, and just had an argument with his wife (or variations thereof!). The point is that doctors are people, too, who have similar frustrations to yours and mine.
Here are some steps you can take to encourage a better bedside manner from your doctor:
1. When you have an appointment, be prepared. Bring a list of questions, and keep them concise. 
2. Limit your questions to the top three or four. If you have more than that, then plan to make a second appointment to cover them. 
3. Break the ice. Don't chat aimlessly about something that's not important. Rather, briefly mention something friendly, benign and short like the weather, an upcoming holiday, a local sports team, or something humorous that happened in the news. Doctors spend their whole day under stress and time limits, and breaking that tension might be just what it takes to lighten the mood and free up your doctor to show his friendly side. 
4. Once the ice has cracked or broken, remember to continue being respectful of your doctor's time. 
5. If you feel as if you've experienced that compassion and friendliness you've looked for, then thank your doctor. Shake his hand. A thank you from you for being the kind of doctor whose bedside manner you appreciate may improve your chances of seeing that good bedside manner again. has great article about this issue. For more information please Click Here

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